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AddictNation ADDICT NATION Americans are being lured into a slew of addictions. And what we are addicted to isn’t necessarily illegal or even hard to come by. Prescription medications are making us high. Fast food is making us fat. The Internet keeps us constantly distracted with everything from porn to gambling to compulsive social networking. Television bombards us with violent scenarios. From billboards, to online pop ups to commercials, we’re seduced into buying more stuff we don’t need while we drown in growing debt. Massive profits fill the pockets of a handful of “pushers” at the expense of everyone else.

Sadly, what’s happening is the exact opposite of what our founding fathers had in mind. The United States of America was created to precisely to celebrate“life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

This book is designed to be a blueprint for change. But, first, we need to wake up to what’s happening.

This….is an intervention!

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