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Jane Velez-Mitchell is a television journalist and author. She currently has her own show on HLN, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell.

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She is often seen commenting on high-profile cases for CNN, TruTV, E! and other national cable TV shows. Velez-Mitchell frequently guest hosts for Nancy Grace on her Headline News show. Velez-Mitchell reported for the nationally syndicated Warner Brothers/Telepictures show Celebrity Justice.

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Velez-Mitchell authored the non-fiction book, Secrets Can Be Murder: The Killer Next Door, which delves into the secrets unearthed in more than twenty of the most widely covered murder cases of recent times. The book’s premise is that, by studying the secrecy and deceit embedded in these tragic scenarios, we can learn to opt for honesty in our own lives and avoid similar outcomes.

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September 2009, Velez-Mitchell released her memoir on addiction recovery titled iWant: My Journey from Addiction and Overconsumption to a Simpler, Honest Life. “iWant” became a New York Times Best Seller.

Sandra Mohr, Co-Author

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Sandra Mohr is the co-author of “Addict Nation-An Intervention for America” by Jane Velez-Mitchell. She also assisted Velez-Mitchell with her books “Secrets Can Be Murder” and “iWant” (New York Times Best Seller).

Sandra Mohr is a Director and Editor in Los Angeles and recently released the feature documentary “Stock Shock-The Short Selling of the American Dream” About the Authors

She co-founded the media site www.FreeAnimalVideo.org which provides free stock video of animals to the press and public, and edited the documentary “Behind the Mask” about people who are imprisoned for helping animals. “Behind the Mask” received several awards including “Best Documentary Feature” at the Independent Features Film Festival and The Other Venice Film Festival.

MohrLogo KikiCat 225x300 About the AuthorsIn addition to shooting and editing hundreds of videos to help animals, her company Mohr Productions, Inc. produces programming and commercials for television, film, and the Internet

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